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We produce a quality composite, interlocking, grass or relief paving under the PREFA DEKOR brand. Choose from our wide range of colours, highlights and washed or relief surfaces. Concrete paving is UV-resistant and easy to maintain.

Frost-hardy concrete paving is suitable for outdoor walking areas, garage driveways, yards, patios, pathways and pavements.

Concrete pavers are great for designing outdoor spaces – gardens, yards, walkways, patios, garage driveways and walk-on lawn areas. They serve as surface reinforcement in gazebos and under pergolas and have an irreplaceable role in swimming pools and around garden ponds. Concrete is a natural material and is therefore perfectly suited for use in gardens, as it looks natural. The gaps between paving stones allow water to seep in, helping to keep it on the plot so that water is not ‘forced’ to run off into the drains.

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