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Catalogues and Price list

Prefa Brno - Sewerage Catalogue Cover

Sewerage Catalogue

5,9 MB

Prefa Brno - Prefa Dekor Catalogue Cover

Prefa Dekor Catalogue [cz]

14,0 MB

Prefa Brno - Buildings Catalogue Cover

Buildings Catalogue [cz]

8,1 MB

Prefa Brno - Rough construction products Catalogue Cover

Rough construction products Catalogue [cz]

3,2 MB

Prefa Brno - Tanks and Spatial Prefabricates Catalogue Cover

Tanks and Spatial Prefabricates Catalogue [cz]

7,7 MB

Prefa Brno - Price List 2022 Cover

Price List
2022 [cz]

4,7 MB

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