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PREFA DEKOR presents concrete as a modern material with a wide range of applications. Concrete is no longer just a grey, boring surface, but an element which brightens up your garden, city park or driveway.

Browse our range of pavers with dozens of colour combinations, including rich LUX colours such as white, orange and yellow or highlights where no two pavers are the same. Take your pick, whether you’re building a walkway in the park, a path in the garden or a patio behind the house.

Take inspiration from a range of planters in different sizes and colours which you can combine to create architecturally interesting nooks and crannies in your outdoor space. Complement them with street furniture such as benches and litter bins.

Under the PREFA DEKOR brand, you will also find fence systems, especially the popular Dekor® and Gardelot® series with a wide range of colours of palings, posts and a variety of concrete slab designs.

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