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As time went


Establishment of the predecessor of the present company – the Jihomoravská Prefa company

50s – 60s

Construction of the premises of the current Hodonín, Strážnice and Oslavany plants


Development of the production of tubes at the Strážnice plant and of uniform frame systems at the Hodonín plant

1989 – 1990

Start of modern pipe production in Strážnice
The new production of Spiroll floor slabs in Kuřim

5. 5. 1992

Establishment of a joint-stock company and its subsequent privatisation by the coupon method.

1992 – 1995

Innovation of the product range – adaptation to new market needs

precast manholes / universal frame system / vibro-pressed “interlocking” paving / floor structures based on pre-stressed Spiroll panels / precast tanks

1997 – 1998

New production capacities

New production facilities for the manufacture of sewage pipes and manholes. Creation of a system of watertight and durable sewers, including egg-shaped profiles. Vibropress for the production of paving at the Božice plant. Increase in production capacity of Spiroll floors.

Launch of composite materials production in Brno, Dolní Heršpice – the creation of the Kompozity plant.

2002 – 2003

Change of organizational structure

Division of the product range into Product Groups – the basis for future product specialization. Implementation of a new information system. Personnel changes.

2004 – 2007

Increase in production capacity

Expansion of the Spiroll product range (new heights 160, 200 and 265 mm) and increase in capacity. Doubling the production capacity of sewer manholes. Innovation in the production of lintels and floor slabs. Innovation in the production of circular and rectangular tanks.

2005 – 2006

New headquarters of the company – Brno, Kulkova Street No. 10.

Establishment of the subsidiary PREFA KOMPOZITY a.s.

Establishment of the joint company Presta-mix, s.r.o. (production of transport concrete in Kuřim).

Expansion of business throughout the Czech Republic.

Establishment of Prefa Brno SK, a.s. – enhancement of sales in Slovakia.


Construction of a new production hall for the production of large-sized precast products (precast spatial products, girders) at the Hodonín plant.

Acquisition of a new vibropress for the production of paving, kerbs and blocks at the Oslavany plant.

2009 – 2011

Reaction to the financial crisis and subsequent recession in the construction industry – slimming down the company, focusing development on services and special technologies.

Expansion of the Strážnice plant – an extension of the premises, and construction of a second concrete plant.

2011 – 2013

Strengthening of in-house development

Development of our activities in civil engineering and tanks ( spatial prefabrication). In-house development of spatial precast products for various applications (retention systems, reservoirs, culverts, etc.). Stepping up the production of staircase components to a leading position in the Czech Republic and SK. Development of in-house solutions for apartment buildings and multi-unit garages.

Development of the production of garden architecture and urban furniture.

Development in sewerage – strengthening the production of manholes and focusing on large sewerage profiles for large cities.

2013 – 2017

Increase in sales.

Gradual launch of our stores in Strážnice, Kuřim, Hodonín and Brno – making our products more accessible to the end customer.

Establishment of the company e-shop Beton E-shop (2014)

2015 – 2021

Growing stronger on the market

Development of the production of spatial prefabrication in the Hodonín plant (construction of a new hall and installation of moulds). Gradual tripling of the production capacity of precast concrete.

New hall for the production of large-size prefabricates at the Kuřim plant. Increase of capacity in building construction by one-third.

Expansion of the Oslavany plant and construction of new capacity for vibro-pressed products (doubling of production capacity).

Construction of a new hall at the Veselí na Moravě plant. Strengthening our position as a manufacturer of moulds and other equipment for the reinforced concrete prefabrication industry.

Reconstruction of administrative and other buildings – improvement of the working environment and aesthetic appearance.

2017 – 2021

Developer activities

The implementation of the Byty Miroslav development project (2017-2018).

Ongoing construction of apartment buildings in Kunštát and family houses in Nemojany.


Prefa Brno a.s. celebrates 30 years on the market.
Celebrate it with us!

We are definitely not standing still
and are fearlessly anticipating the challenges
which the future
will bring.