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About PREFA BRNO company

About us

We are a leading manufacturer of concrete building components in the Czech Republic. We specialize in the supply of quality concrete, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete products and provide services related to the supply of our products to a wide range of the building industry.

Our product range includes many original products and structures such as:

  • complete construction systems for industrial, civil and residential buildings
  • large-scale tanks and other special precast products for civil engineering structures
  • special shapes and designs of tubes and shafts for the construction of sewers
  • complete lines of design products for paved areas, urban furniture and garden architecture.

To meet the needs of customers in the individual segments of the construction market, our product range is divided into four product groups:

  • Sewerageincludes a comprehensive system of products for the construction of sewers (tubes, shafts, inlets and other products).
  • PREFA DEKOR – is a certified brand which represents concrete as a modern material with a wide range of applications. Concrete is no longer just a grey, boring surface, but an element that will brighten up your garden, city park or driveway. We offer paving stones in dozens of colour combinations, including rich LUX colours such as white, orange and yellow, or highlights where no two paving stones are the same. Take inspiration from a range of planters in different sizes and colours which can be combined to create architecturally interesting nooks and crannies in your outdoor space. Complement them with other urban furniture features such as benches and litter bins. Under the PREFA DEKOR brand, you will also find fence systems, especially the popular Dekor® and Gardelot® series with a wide range of fence colours, posts and many different concrete slab designs.
    We will show you that concrete is not just a grey and inaccessible mass.
  • Civil & structural engineering – a wide range of products and services for the construction of civil engineering buildings (residential and commercial buildings, industrial halls, precast products for engineering structures).
  • Tanks and spatial precast structures – offers a unique range of tanks and spatial structures mainly focused on stormwater, wastewater and energy management.

The production programme of Prefa Brno a.s. is complemented by the activities of its subsidiaries with the aim of achieving a comprehensive portfolio for the building and related industries:

Our focus and the breadth of our product range are best described by the motto:

„ … we are where you build.“