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Drainage paving

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A new product in the product range is DRENA® drainage paving. The paving stones have wider spacers, creating gaps between them which allow water to seep into the soil and allow grass to grow. This is the number one choice for areas that need to drain rainwater away. This type of paving works very well as a link between the garden and the driveway. The paving is available in several colours. It is resistant to climatic changes and its installation is simple. In the event of excavation work, it can be easily dismantled and then returned to its original place.

Basic colours of Drainage paving Drena®

Highlights of Drainage paving Drena®

Price of Drainage paving Drena®

Product MarkDimensions
per pallet [kg]
Number of MUs
per pallet
without VAT
Selling point price
without VAT
DRE 30/16/8 II natural300/160/801247,007,68159,00m2561,00*617,00**
DRE 30/16/8 II red300/160/801247,007,68159,00m2622,00*684,00**
DRE 30/16/8 II black300/160/801247,007,68159,00m2622,00*684,00**
DRE 30/16/8 II highlight RHODOS300/160/801247,007,68159,00m2702,00*772,00**
DRE 30/16/8 II highlight SANTORINI300/160/801247,007,68159,00m2702,00*772,00**
DRE 30/16/8 II highlight KORFU300/160/801247,007,68159,00m2702,00*772,00**
DRE 30/16/8 II highlight KRETA300/160/801247,007,68159,00m2702,00*772,00**
DRE 30/16/8 II highlight ELBA300/160/801247,007,68159,00m2702,00*772,00**
DRE 30/16/8 II highlight KORSIKA300/160/801247,007,68159,00m2702,00*772,00**
DRE 30/16/8 II highlight LANZAROTE300/160/801247,007,68159,00m2702,00*772,00**
DRE 30/16/8 II highlight MADEIRA300/160/801247,007,68159,00m2702,00*772,00**
DRE 30/16/8 II highlight CANARIA300/160/801247,007,68159,00m2702,00*772,00**

* Price at the Oslavany production plant.

** Price outside the Oslavany production plant.

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