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of oil substances

Separators of light liquids type PREFASEP are for cleaning waste water which contains free light liquids (LL), especially petroleum substances with density up to 0,95 g/cm³. This includes waste water from parking lots, industrial services, workshops, garages, gas stations, etc.

Separators of light liquids are also possible to use as a part of water treatment systems during water recirculation in car cleaning establishments (box car wash, portal car wash line, etc.).

Separators of light liquids PREFASEP are designed in accordance with ČSN EN 858 and they are made in degrees of separation – class I, i.e. acceptable maximum of residual light liquids at output is up to 5,0; 1,0; 0,2 mg/l NEL. Constructively they are made as one or more reinforced concrete tanks in which is installed separating technological equipment. Tanks are made compressible by vehicles for strain D400.

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