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The PREFASEP type light liquid separators are designed for the treatment of wastewater containing free light liquids (LL), especially oil with a density of up to 0.95 g/cm³. This includes wastewater from car parks, industrial services, workshops, garages, petrol stations, etc.

Light liquid separators can also be used as part of the water treatment systems for water recirculation in car wash facilities (cabinet wash, gantry wash, etc.).

PREFASEP light liquid separators are designed in accordance with EN 858 and are manufactured in separation stages – class I, i.e. the permissible maximum residual light liquids at the outlet are up to 5.0; 1.0; 0.2 mg/l NEL. They are designed as one or more reinforced concrete tanks in which the separation process equipment is installed. The tanks are of traversable design for a load of D 400.

Catalogue – Tanks 20198 062 kB16. 01. 2023

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