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Sewer manholes consisting of shaft components provide access to sewer systems and sewer connections which are designed for gravity drainage of wastewater, stormwater, and surface water by gravity at low overpressure. The shafts are used for aeration, venting, maintenance, cleaning, and inspection. They are also used to bring sewer pipes into one direction or to change the direction, slope, or cross-sections of the pipes.

  1. Shaft bottom – Vertical component with bottom, with or without offset, and with appropriate joints for watertight pipe connections. Manufactured as: Vibro-pressed or solid.
  2. Shaft ring – Vertical structural component with uniform profile except for joint location. It can be fitted with a joint enabling conduit connection.
  3. Transition ring – cone Vertical structural component of oblique truncated cone shape forming the upper inlet portion of the shaft.
  4. Transition plate – Building component for the transition from one profile of the shaft into another.
  5. Cover plate – Building component for horizontal covering of the shaft, over which the levelling ring of a manhole is located.
  6. Balancing ring – Construction part used to align the shaft height with the terrain.
  7. Manhole – Upper shaft lock composed of a frame and a cover.

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