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AS-HSBR – concrete
New range of type treatment plants also in precast concrete

Biological wastewater treatment plants AS-HSBR (hereafter referred to as WWTPs) follow the proven in practice series of WWTPs AS-VARIOcomp K and N, AS-KLARO and AS-IDEAL PZV, which the company ASIO, spol. s r.o. has been producing and operating since 1993.
The wastewater treatment plant is designed for the treatment of sewage produced from apartment buildings, hotels, guest houses or other similar service facilities. The advantage of the WWTP is easy adaptation to local conditions and the possibility of operation at 50-110% load. Based on non-standard requirements, we have a WWTP which can cope with the removal of NH4, Ntotal and P parameters.
We offer a comprehensive range of engineered wastewater treatment plants designed for sewage treatment. WWTPs can be used for sizes from 51 to 300 equivalent inhabitants (EO). The technological design of these plants is based on stable and reliable operation with minimum energy requirements. The technology uses aerobic biological processes which have been proven in practice by many years of operation. For WWTPs above 300 EO, an individual design of the WWTP is required.

Advantage of STP Line AS-VARIOcomp N/CONCRETE

  • Fast construction – thanks to installation of technology into precast concrete tank the “wet process” is fully eliminated
  • Reliable technology in accordance with requirements of current legislation
  • Self-supporting tank without need for added concrete
  • Delivery in the form of the so-called packaged sewage treatment plant (tanks of the waste water treatment plant are supplied with the main technological components already installed)
  • Possibility of seating the tank in places with increased groundwater level. The option of AS–VARIOcomp N/CONCRETE treatment plants leads to savings in investment costs.

Offer of type line AS-VARIOcomp N/CONCRETE and modifications

  • Type sewage treatment plants 30– 150 PE in single-line design
  • Higher capacity of the sewage treatment plant (two-line design) e.g. 200, 250, 300 PE plants
  • STP with integrated pumping station
  • Individualization of the technology design for specific requirements (STP supply with a capacity greater than 300 PE, adaptation of the technology to specific requirements on run-off parameters, completion of mechanical mechanical pretreatment etc.)
Catalogue – Tanks 20198 062 kB16. 01. 2023

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