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Road slabs are used for the construc-tion of temporary (e.g. construction site) diversion roads and temporary par-king, industrial and other areas. Tem-porary carriageways made of road slabs are designed with an assumption of five–year service life of the slabs while main-taining the assumed traffic load class III–IV according to ČSN 73 6114 and with a longitudinal slope of the road not excee-ding 10 %. Road slabs are manufactured in heights of 150, 180, and 215 mm, for which bespoke elements for curves with an internal turning radius of 10 and 13 m or other atypical parts are made. Suspen-sion lifting eyes are located at the corners of each slab.


The road sub-base made of road components is mainly made of uncon-solidated materials (according to ČSN 73 6126); in the case of non-loadbearing sub-grade, stabilization according to ČSN 73 6125 is used. For the bedding la-yer, fine aggregates of class C according to CSN 72 1512 are used; a dry mixture of fine aggregate with cement or fly ash can be prepared to improve the laying conditions. For grouting slabs, a fine aggregate of class C according to ČSN 72 1512 or a mixture of fine aggregate and cement is recommended. For bypass roads, it is recommended to fill the upper part of the joint with asphalt grout. To drain off rainwater, slabs are laid at a 3% cross–slope. For better interaction and spatial stability of the slabs, it is recommended to tie the suspension lift eyes. When reusing the slabs, suspension lift eyes must be protected against corrosion with asphalt coating or spraying.

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