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Concrete staircase steps are characterized by excellent resistance to climatic conditions and therefore an overall long service life. Imitation wood in coffee or ebony colour shades stands out the best, as it is really difficult to tell the difference from wooden staircases. For an even better natural look, the stair slabs can be complemented with other products from the DEKOR category.

Colours of staircase steps DEKOR

Prices of staircase steps DEKOR

Product MarkDimensions
per pallet [kg]
Number of MUs
per pallet
without VAT
Selling point price
without VAT
DS 120/35/8 beige relief1200/350/80815,0010,0079,00pcs1,00*1,00**
DS 120/35/8 coffee relief1200/350/80815,0010,0079,00pcs1,00*1,00**
DS 120/35/8 ebony relief1200/350/80815,0010,0079,00pcs1,00*1,00**

* Price at the Oslavany production plant.

** Price outside the Oslavany production plant.

Price List 2023 (czech)4 953 kB16. 01. 2023

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