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About us

About us

We are a major manufacturer of concrete building blocks from the Czech Republic. We specialise in delivering quality products from concrete, reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete, and providing services connected with delivering our products to various areas of construction.

We have a number of original products and constructions to offer such as:

  • complete construction systems for industrial, civil, and apartment construction
  • large-dimensional tanks and other special prefabricates for engineer buildings
  • special shapes and solutions for tubes and shafts for building sewers
  • complete line of design products for paving, urban furniture, and garden architecture

With the aim to fulfil our customers’ needs in each segment of the construction market, our production is divided into four product groups:

  • Sewage – contains unified system of products used for building sewers (tubes, shafts, and other products)
  • Communications (Minor building materials) – is focused on products used to build communications (paving, curbs, troughs), urban and garden furniture, and products used for building brick constructions (fittings, boards etc.)
  • Buildings – makes up a wide range of goods and services used for building different objects (apartments, business buildings, industrial halls, prefabricates for engineer buildings)
  • Tanks and prefabricated buildings – offers unique range of tanks and prefabricated buildings aimed especially at rain and waste water economy and energy management.

The production program of Prefa Brno a.s. is tied to activities of subsidiaries in order to achieve a complex offer for construction and similar fields:

Our focus and range of our program is best expressed by our motto:
“…we are where you are building.”

Prefa Brno a.s.  |  Kulkova 10  |  615 00 Brno  Czech Republic  |  phone: +420 541 583 111  |  fax: +420 541 583 833  |  e–mail:

INFOLINE +420 800 260 003
At our Infoline we will answer all your questions.

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