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ducting systems

  • Above the surface of groundwater
  • In chemically medium aggressive environment
  • Communication class A with topsoil from 1,2 up to 2,5 m
  • Communication class B with topsoil from 0,5 up to 2,5 m
  • In greenbelt with topsoil from 0,5 up to 3,0 m with exclusion of car crossing

Reinforced concrete parts are made for progressive solution of utility tunnels, especially in urban environment. They can be used also for other communications if they suit with their dimensions and bearing capacity. The sewers are walk through which enables maintenance and repairs of utilities without disrupting the environment on the surface with additional digging.

Cable ducting systems are spacious parts with “U” cross-section intended for creating the bottom and walls of tunnels for protection of underground utilities. The sewer is sealed by cover slab.

In inner space of halls and other objects are for sealing of cable ducting systems used PZD panels with suitable dimensions and bearing capacity – this way are made as cable trough sewers. Cover sewers are made by placing the upturned “U” parts on concrete slab. Without special measures the parts can be placed:

  • gutter placement – placed bottom down and covered with a cover plate
  • ditch placement – first, the cover slab is placed and then the cable ducting system on top of it bottom up
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