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Prefa Kompozity a.s.

PREFA KOMPOZITY, a.s. deals with production and sales of composite profiles, products made from these profiles and bulding constructions of composite materials.

Company characteristics


  • Domestic manufacturer of composites and constructions with long-term tradition and experience
  • The only shareholder is Prefa Brno a.s. with basic capital of over 200 mil. Kč.
  • It closely cooperates with VUT Brno (R&D, involvement in education, diploma and phd theses, various boards membership, conferences, support of young scientists).
  • Owns certificates of quality ČSN EN ISO 9001 and environmental management ČSN EN ISO 14001.
  • Owns certificates for all standard products.
  • Has its own R&D departments. (development of new materials, products, and technologies)
  • Has several assembly groups which are technically well equipped.
  • Production of composites is based on the technology of pultrusion where all profiles include an under-surface veil in order to prolong service life. (Unlike many imported composites)
  • Makes composites with enhanced qualities e.g. non.flammability, durability, antistatic, various resins.
  • Has won awards for products and managing the company at several prestigeous competitions and exhibitions.
  • Significant references (reconstructions of utility tunnels, construction for ČEZ, highway bridges, constructions for water treatment plants etc.)

PREFA KOMPOZITY, a.s. is a member of many important organizations

  • Chamber of Commerce ČR
  • Confederation fo Industry
  • Czech Management Association
  • Asiciace CzWA (Czech Water Association)
  • Science Council VUT Brno
  • Science Council of Faculty of Civil Engineering VUT Brno
  • Research Centre CIDEAS (member of council)

Prefa Brno a.s.  |  Kulkova 10  |  615 00 Brno  Czech Republic  |  phone: +420 541 583 111  |  fax: +420 541 583 833  |  e–mail:

INFOLINE +420 800 260 003
At our Infoline we will answer all your questions.

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