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Slabs for road construction
and composting slabs

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Slabs for the construction of garden paths

Precast concrete slabs are used for the construction of paved paths between garden beds. The groove is used to anchor the fabric with a rubber stop, which is supplied along with the slab. Concrete slabs can be used repeatedly and are designed to be driven over by garden machinery.


  • long service life
  • easy and quick installation
  • possibility of immediate use
  • easy anchoring of fabric

Composting slabs

Composting slabs can be used as elements for floor structures in facilities designed for the decomposition of biowaste from plant and animal production, sewage sludge, etc. The slab variant with holes also has a drainage function and can be used e.g. instead of a plastic grid in the design of stable floors, etc. This design allows for the bottom drainage of liquid biowaste from a waste production area.


Two basic variants are available in reinforced concrete with dimensions of 3 x 2 m and a thickness of 30 cm.

They are:

  • perforated slabs
  • slabs without holes


  • The advantage of compostable concrete slabs is their high bearing capacity and long service life as compared to e.g. plastic slabs and grids.
  • They can be driven on by commercial vehicles up to a load capacity of 6 t.

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