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Concrete pavement kerbs are manufactured in widths of 100 mm with a standard length of 1000 mm, but half and quarter lengths are also available. Vibro-pressed concrete kerbs are used to delineate or separate paved areas in road construction with a height difference of up to 150 mm. Depending on the nature of the paved area, they are used to separate dividing strips, car parks, pavements and paths.

Price of pavement kerbs Granitoid

Product MarkDimensions
per pallet [kg]
Number of MUs
per pallet
without VAT
Selling point price
without VAT
ABO 100/10/25 II natural1000/100/2501235,0021,0057,60pcs174,00*191,00**
ABO 50/10/25 II natural500/100/2501235,0042,0028,80pcs161,00*177,00**
ABO 25/10/25 II natural250/100/2501235,0084,0014,40pcs147,00*162,00**
ABO 100/10/20 II natural1000/100/2001369,0028,0048,00pcs153,00*168,00**
ABO 50/10/20 II natural500/100/2001369,0056,0024,00pcs149,00*164,00**

* Price at the Oslavany production plant.

** Price outside the Oslavany production plant.

Price List 2023 (czech)4 953 kB16. 01. 2023

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