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The well must be securely enclosed, the cover must be strong and durable, and its design must also prevent contamination of the well with rainwater and any surface debris. Small animals such as slugs, mice, grass snakes or lizards like to explore the slightest hole, opening or leak in or under the cover and enter the well, causing considerable trouble. Our concrete cover will meet all the requirements and you will also get an ornamental element that will fit aesthetically into your garden or backyard. The concrete cover is divided into two parts and has an interlocking joint. The cover plate is produced on a DN 1000 ring with a diameter of 1200 mm and a height of 50 mm, the surface is decor wood.

Colours of well cover

Price and dimensions of well cover

Značka výrobkuRozměry
na paletě [kg]
Počet MJ
na paletě
bez DPH
Cena prod. místa
bez DPH
TBN 100/5 ZD dřevo nat1000/50417,004,0098,00ks1 593,00*1 752,00**
TBN 100/5 ZD dřevo kar1000/50417,004,0098,00ks1 751,00*1 926,00**
TBN 100/5 ZD dřevo bez1000/50417,004,0098,00ks1 751,00*1 926,00**
TBN 100/5 ZD dřevo coffee1000/50417,004,0098,00ks1 839,00*2 023,00**
TBN 100/5 ZD dřevo ebony1000/50417,004,0098,00ks1 839,00*2 023,00**
TBN 120/5 ZD dřevo nat - NOVINKA1200/50585,004,00140,00ks1 859,00*2 045,00**
TBN 120/5 ZD dřevo kar1200/50585,004,00140,00ks2 016,00*2 218,00**
TBN 120/5 ZD dřevo bez1200/50585,004,00140,00ks2 016,00*2 218,00**
TBN 120/5 ZD dřevo coffee1200/50585,004,00140,00ks2 147,00*2 362,00**
TBN 120/5 ZD dřevo ebony1200/50585,004,00140,00ks2 147,00*2 362,00**

* Cena ve výrobním závodu Oslavany.

** Cena mimo výrobní závod Oslavany.

Price List 2023 (czech)4 953 kB16. 01. 2023

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