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Concrete planters are made of fair-faced concrete and, in addition to the conventional plain wall, can be produced with a blasted surface (or a blasted logo on the plain wall). The product is provided with a hole in the bottom for water drainage. The planters are mainly designed for outdoors (high durability, frost resistance), but can also be placed indoors. The advantage of concrete planters is that they are difficult to steal due to their considerable weight once the planter is filled with soil.

Basic colours of planter Xena

Basic colours with a blasted finish of planter Xena

Basic colours with a blasted ripple finish of planter Xena

Price of planter Xena

Product MarkDimensions
per pallet [kg]
Number of MUs
per pallet
without VAT
Selling point price
without VAT
BDA 80/80/40 Xena natural800/800/400175,001,00150,00pcs2,00*2,00**
BDA 80/80/40 Xena natural blasted800/800/400175,001,00150,00pcs2,00*3,00**
BDA 80/80/40 Xena sand800/800/400175,001,00150,00pcs2,00*2,00**
BDA 80/80/40 Xena red800/800/400175,001,00150,00pcs2,00*2,00**
BDA 80/80/40 Xena caramel800/800/400175,001,00150,00pcs2,00*2,00**
BDA 80/80/40 Xena sand blasted800/800/400175,001,00150,00pcs3,00*3,00**
BDA 80/80/40 Xena red blasted800/800/400175,001,00150,00pcs3,00*3,00**
BDA 80/80/40 Xena caramel blasted800/800/400175,001,00150,00pcs3,00*3,00**

* Price at the Oslavany production plant.

** Price outside the Oslavany production plant.

Price List 2023 (czech)4 953 kB16. 01. 2023

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