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Spiroll Wall Slabs

Prestressed Spiroll ceiling slabs are used to build wall constructions of buildings. Their are suitable for wider construction for their bearing capacity, lightweight holes, and prestressed material.


Slabs are 1200mm wide and 160mm high, 200mm are custom delivered in different lengths by 10mm.

Main advantages of use of spiroll wall system

  • Quick and easy construction
    Thanks to their size it is possible to use them straight from the truck. They allow building in short time with very few workers. They save time, money for delivering them, and storage space at the building site.
  • High bearing capacity
    Prestressed reinforcement which is symmetrically designed to fit each wall system. It allows maximum use of static height of the slab’s cross-section.
  • Easy adaption to construction requirements
    Slabs are custom made to meet the customer’s demands.
  • Minimization of wet processes
    The use of SPIROLL slabs brings immediate bearing capacity without the need of longer technical breaks.
  • Fire resistance
    Fire resistance is documented for each type of SPIROLL slab.
  • Unchanging physical-mechanical properties
    Constant physical-mechanical properties do not change in freezing weather or during floods.

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