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Floats are used as piers on various bodies of water.


Reinforced concrete floats are custom made according to the requirements of the head designer and that is up to 10m x 2.4m, height of 1.2m.
Dimensions mentioned above may be changed upon an agreement with the enterprise.


Floats are made from concrete with steel reinforcement and DEHA hinges for easier manipulation.
Floats are fitted with rails to connect other floats together. It is possible to fit floats with light railing from composite materials resistant to agressive environment.


C 40/50 grade concrete


The documentation of elements is processed by the manufacturer of parts in cooperation with the customer’s head designer. Production is realized according to the documentation processed by the investor upon consultation with the manufacturer.
Certificate, regulations
Declaration of Conformity
Certificate of quality acc. to ČSN EN ISO 9001
Manipulation and delivery provided on demand
Option to rent DEHA hinges

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