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Biogas stations and composting plants are modern and ecological facilities which process wide variety of materials or waste of organic origin. The composter processes waste by controlled aerobic digestion. The composting itself takes place in strip piles. The quality of the process is controlled by measuring temperatures and with mature compost by chemical analysis of heavy metals, ration of C:N, physical parameters, and watercress test.

Biogas stations process waste by anaerobic digestion without access to air. Biogas generates in sealed reactors and is often used to make electricity and heat. The by-product, digestate, can be further processed as e.g. quality fertilizer.

We offer building biogas stations and composting plants for processing organic materials the so called ‘dry way’.

Construction of a biogas station


They are sealed chambers where organic material decomposes the ‘dry way’ in order to make biogas. Fermenters are long (L= cca 30m) with diagonal profile (B/H) allowing for loading and unloading the material with a wheel loader. These requirements are met using prefabricated segments which are joint by special locks, rubber insulation, and sealing cement. The prefabricated construction is protected by utility model.


Serves for storing input material and further processing of solid waste. The hall is constructed from reinforced concrete skeleton which is connected to construction of fermenters. Casing of the hall is made according to each project (we offer precast SPIROLL ceiling slabs in our sample construction).

Construction of Composting plant

The composter plant consist of three separate objects:

  • Hygienization hall – similar construction to the fermenter hall
  • Composter – light construction to cover the space where composting takes place
  • Warehouse – custom made to suit customers’ needs
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