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Company Philosophy

    • Our mission is to provide high quality concrete slabs and reinforced concrete prefabricates and provide solutions for construction sites and building objects
    • We see the complexity of offered solutions in the range of our production program, production ‘tailored’ to our customers’ needs and providing other services such as counseling, projects, delivery of products, and installing building constructions.
    • By our constant development we strive for better prefabrication in construction as a way to achieve high quality of buildings, lowering material consumption, increasing productivity and improving working condition at construction sites.

Our philosophy is based on these principles:

  • constantly and systematically recognise customers’ needs, analyse them, and project feedback into our range of products and services
  • to develop partnership with our customers, pay attention to satisfying all needs of our customers, open discussions and building mutual trust
  • to build long-lasting relationships with suppliers with an aim to provide permanent and high quality of supplies, focus relationships with major suppliers on mutual development and marketing
  • to effectively develop human resources, secure education and training of all employees in all fields needed to improve their work
  • to consistently apply effective ways to motivate employees in order to make their work more efficient as well as allow them to grow professionally
  • to support open dialogue both inside and outside the company and to make use of all ideas and initiatives aiming to satisfy the customers’ needs and to work efficiently with human resources
  • to support ethical behaviour, reliable and open negotiation, to create trusted environment withing the company and in relationships with its surroundings
  • to supply customers with top-grade goods and then apply the grade system according to ČSN EN ISO 9001
  • to regularly review appliying of the grade system, processes efficiency, watch and evaluate the level of provided services, make up for diagreements and take action to prevent these disagreements
  • to consistently meet the demands regarding protection of the environment, OSH, and FP
  • to lead and educate our employees so that they do all their work with respect to the environment and prevent its possible endangerment
  • to make use of the latest knowledge about work ergonomics, improve working environment with focus on security of employees’ health
  • to initialise technical and organisational development of the company, support innovative activities of our employees, cooperate with customers, universities, and other organisations and subjects on developing the company.

Prefa Brno a.s.  |  Kulkova 10  |  615 00 Brno  Czech Republic  |  phone: +420 541 583 111  |  fax: +420 541 583 833  |  e–mail:

INFOLINE +420 800 260 003
At our Infoline we will answer all your questions.

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